DiagnoSEO has launched a revolutionary and free SEO plugin for WordPress

DiagnoSEO is a new, innovative SEO plugin for WordPress. It can improve SEO for any WordPress website. The DiagnoSEO plugin is the result of over a decade of work and experience in SEO and WordPress development.

DiagnoSEO - WordPress SEO Plugin

Why is a new WordPress SEO plugin needed?

With 42% of all websites powered by WordPress, this makes WordPress the most popular CMS in the world. It’s the perfect CMS for running a blog, business website, landing page, shop, or anything else. Similarly, about 93% of web traffic is powered by search engines. That’s why it’s critical for websites to be visible in search engines.

WordPress is naturally an SEO-friendly CMS. It has a built-in feature that allows for clean URLs. However, it’s not enough if you want to have a fully optimized website. SEO plugins for WordPress enhance the default WordPress features and offer new, dedicated SEO features.

There are a couple of very popular SEO plugins that are already available on the market. So, what is so special about the brand new DiagnoSEO WordPress plugin? A few things make DiagnoSEO much better than any other plugin that is currently available. Better performance and code quality, unique and improved SEO features, the best content analyzer, and enhanced UX. Let’s dive in and see what’s so amazing about the DiagnoSEO plugin for WordPress.

1. DiagnoSEO plugin offers the best performance

Google introduced Core Web Vitals and now treats it as a ranking factor. If your WordPress website loads slowly, then it can negatively affect your rankings in Google. DiagnoSEO was written from scratch with high-performance in mind. In general, fewer database queries and less memory usage means it’s better for performance.

According to tests using the Query Monitor plugin on a default WP installation – the DiagnoSEO plugin won and had the best performance. The test was performed on the top 5 most popular SEO plugins in the world. The results showed a higher number of database queries and more memory usage on a single post after other plugin activation.

2. DiagnoSEO plugin is the most lightweight plugin in the world

DiagnoSEO is the most lightweight and complete plugin in the world. The DiagnoSEO plugin was also a clear winner after comparing the size of the ZIP file to that of the most popular SEO plugins. The comparison was made across the most popular plugins from the official WordPress repository. DiagnoSEO has a ZIP file several dozen times less than that of the competitors. It’s important to mention at the same time, that the DiagnoSEO plugin offers more SEO features than the other SEO plugins.

3. DiagnoSEO plugin has no technical debt

Old SEO plugins on the market often have technical debt that in many cases is not possible to fix. This is because changing the old code might negatively affect millions of websites. DiagnoSEO code has no technical debt as it’s a brand-new plugin. The code is more modern, better written, well maintained, and highly organized. It also passes the tests from PHP Code Sniffer and adheres to all the best coding and security practices related to plugin development. The code was also checked by the WordPress.org review team before the launch.

4. DiagnoSEO plugin has unique SEO features used by SEO experts

In addition to the most commonly used SEO features, such as meta tags management, robots, and canonical tag customization, DiagnoSEO offers much more. DiagnoSEO also has features that were previously reserved for true SEO experts and the best-performing websites. The free version offers optimization for multiple keywords (not only one like in other plugins), and advanced schema generator (including review schema). DiagnoSEO has the most accurate Google snippet preview and social media preview (Facebook, Twitter).

DiagnoSEO Pro has also many more innovative features that are truly unique and that you can’t find in other plugins. Affiliate deeplink hider, reviewedBy schema support, SEO categories widget, post rating with stars and schema, automatic table of contents, meta referrer support, IndexNow support, options to boost performance, XML sitemap with possibility of filename change, and AI-powered comments generator are just a few examples, but there are many more.

5. DiagnoSEO is AI-powered

DiagnoSEO has the support for the latest GPT models released by OpenAI. Thanks to this AI can be used directly in WordPress to generate metadata, related keywords, comments or even a complete article.

6. DiagnoSEO has the most detail-oriented content analyzer

WordPress core functionality is related to writing content. Search engines promote content that is of the best quality. That’s why DiagnoSEO created the most advanced and user-friendly content analyzer on the market. It gives you real-time statistics about your article. It also provides actionable tips on what you should improve or fix in order to make your article fully optimized for search engines. Implementing the tips can also make your content more readable and engaging for users.

Moreover, the DiagnoSEO Pro version gives you even more useful SEO checkpoints. It can provide you with a list of related keywords (based on the TF IDF algorithm) that you should include in your article to fully cover the topic you are writing about.

7. DiagnoSEO has improved UX

DiagnoSEO UX uses the default WordPress design as much as possible. It gives you the impression that DiagnoSEO is part of the default WordPress installation. This makes it very user-friendly to even the newest WordPress users. Moreover, it has useful progress bars, buttons with an overall page score, and colored live checkpoints. The content analyzer is presented in a sticky tab so that it can always be visible when you are writing content, another major UX advantage that is not available in other SEO plugins.

8. DiagnoSEO is easy to install, use, and customize

DiagnoSEO plugin is super easy to install and activate. Just like a regular plugin for WordPress, you can download the free versions directly from your WordPress dashboard. After activation, the default settings are active, so you don’t need to change anything if you don’t want to. If you need more advanced settings, then all options are well organized and easy to access and understand, even by the newbies.

9. DiagnoSEO has dedicated and friendly support

DiagnoSEO offers dedicated plugin support. If you have any questions related to the plugin, then feel free to contact the helpful support team. You will get a fast and friendly response.

10. DiagnoSEO has a better price for Pro and offers unlimited usage

Most of the Pro or Premium versions of popular SEO plugins limit the license per domain. This is not the case with the DiagnoSEO WordPress plugin. When you purchase the Pro version of DiagnoSEO, then you can use it on an unlimited number of domains. Because of this feature, you can save a lot of money.

Also, the price of Pro is currently the best on the market. It’s up to several times lower than the other SEO plugins on the market. This makes the Pro version affordable for everyone. That’s one of the missions with the DiagnoSEO plugin – make the web a more SEO-friendly place.


This brand new DiagnoSEO plugin for WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that can extend and improve SEO for your WordPress website. It has got the best performance, code quality, and content analyzer on the market. It offers unique and improved SEO features in comparison to other available SEO plugins. Install it today and make your website more SEO-friendly than ever before.

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