What is the best WordPress theme for SEO?

Choosing the right theme is crucial for SEO. Multi theme offers unique solutions and best practices, making it the top choice for optimizing your WordPress site effectively.

Multi - najbardziej SEO-friendly szablon do WordPress'a

Unique SEO Solutions

Multi theme and Multi Builder plugin are packed with unique SEO solutions that stand out in the market. We have implemented all the best SEO practices, constantly monitoring SEO trends to ensure Multi is the top choice for even the most demanding technical SEO specialists.

Under each post, Multi theme displays related posts that are closely related to the topic. Unlike other themes, Multi shows posts from the same category first, improving internal linking and ensuring context relevance, which is crucial for SEO.

Super Clean and Semantic Code Structure

Clean and semantic code is crucial for SEO. Multi theme generates cleaner, more semantic source code compared to other page builders, ensuring better performance and easier indexing by search engines.

No Inline CSS

Multi theme avoids inline CSS, resulting in clearer code and faster page loading times. This is important for Googlebot, especially for large sites where managing the “crawl budget” is crucial.

Map Marker Linking to Google My Business

The Map block in Multi Builder allows markers to link to any subpage, recommended to direct users to your Google My Business entry. Increased traffic to your business card can improve its position in search results.

Lazy Loaded Google Map

This feature speeds up your website loading and saves on Google API requests. The map loads only when displayed on the user’s screen, enhancing performance.

Performance-First and Mobile-First Design

Multi theme and Multi Builder are designed for top performance. On mobile devices, separate optimized CSS files are loaded, making the page load faster.

In Multi, previous and next links are contextual and only link to related subpages within the same category or subcategory, enhancing thematic internal linking.

Multi theme uses Google’s recommended structure for breadcrumb links, ensuring compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and avoiding errors in Google Search Console.

Optimized for Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Multi theme ensures a zero Cumulative Layout Shift, providing the best user experience and preventing errors in Google Search Console.

No jQuery Dependency

Multi theme does not depend on jQuery for simple blogs or websites, leading to faster loading times and fewer server requests.

Minimum Number of HTTP Requests

A native Multi theme installation generates only 8 HTTP requests, outperforming other popular themes like Avada, Enfold, and even Astra.

With a single click, you can prevent link juice from leaking to external social media sites, maintaining full control over your Page Rank.

AMP Support

Multi theme supports the AMP plugin, providing the latest technology from Google to speed up your website for users, with over half a million WordPress websites using it.

Full integration and support for DiagnoSEO Plugin

Multi theme offers full integration and support for all the features from DiagnoSEO plugin and DiagnoSEO Pro plugin.

Exclusive Promo Code for DiagnoSEO Tools

Multi users receive an exclusive discount for DiagnoSEO, the best-in-class SEO software for on-page audits and competitor analysis.

Summary – The Best SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Multi theme is the only theme and page builder covering all these SEO features, making it the best SEO-friendly theme and builder in the world. The team from Multi theme continuously monitor SEO trends to bring you the latest features, ensuring Multi remains at the forefront of SEO innovation.

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