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DiagnoSEO is the most lightweight SEO plugin on the market. Apart from all basic SEO features, it has got unique SEO features and checkpoints. It’s far better than other SEO plugins on the market. Results confirmed on brands from the Fortune 500 list. Unlock the potential of your website.

  • Audit

  • Optimize

  • Boost traffic

Enterprise-quality SEO features now are available for literally every WordPress website! DiagnoSEO is a modern SEO plugin for WordPress. It was created based on over 15 years of experience in the SEO industry from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Switch your SEO plugin to DiagnoSEO and feel the positive difference in performance, UX, and rankings. DiagnoSEO is a brand new and revolutionary SEO plugin that has better code and features than the other plugins on the market. Try it now for free and boost your search visibility easily!

What you can do with DiagnoSEO WordPress SEO plugin?

  • Improve rankings in organic search engine results (Google, Bing, etc.) – use keyword placement and content analyzer tools to optimize pages for important SEO factors.
  • Get more clicks from organic search engine results – boost CTR in Google or Bing by improving your title, description and don’t forget to enable rich snippets (
  • Get more conversions or sales – Improve performance of your website and reduce the bounce rate. DiagnoSEO has more lightweight code and it uses less database queries than the other SEO plugins.
  • Be one step ahead of your competitors – use unique SEO features available only in DiagnoSEO plugin (fatured posts, deeplink hider, detailed seo audit and many, many more). We are constantly monitoring the SEO industry and releasing new features or improvements in regular updates.
  • Save money and use Pro on unlimited number of websites – get Pro version for just $29 (limited time offer for early orders). You can use it on unlimited number of websites. It’s the best offer available on the market today.

Key SEO features

Discover why DiagnoSEO is #1 WordPress SEO plugin

  • More lightweight than most popular SEO plugins on the market (we compared size of zip file downloaded directly from repository)
  • Better code and performance than on any other SEO plugin (we compared number of database queries on single post on Twenty Nineteen theme using Query Monitor plugin).
  • Better UX – easy to manage and customize meta data and separate sticky panel for content analysis and keyword placement checkpoints.
  • Easy to install, use and customize – just install and activate the plugin. Default settings are using best SEO practices so you don’t need to change in most cases. If you want to customize the settings the you can find all options well organized in the administration panel.
  • Unique SEO Features – you can find SEO features that are not available in any other plugin on the market (e.g. SEO Categories widget, deeplink hider, anchor text control on post lists, advanced content quality and keyword placement checkpoints, HTML sitemap Gutenberg block, table of contents Gutenberg block and many more).
  • Improved SEO Features – for example Google Snippet preview works better than on the other plugins – it’s more accurate than ever before. Content analyzer checks for more important SEO related details. Breadcrumbs passes WAI-ARIA standards. XML Sitemaps uses native support of WordPress (implemented in WP 5.5.).

Why it’s worth to buy DiagnoSEO Pro WordPress plugin?

  • Save money – get better price for Pro – pro version is affordable for everyone. Now only $29 (limited time offer).
  • Use Pro on unlimited websites without extra cost – save money if you use the plugin on multiple websites.
  • Get access to addidional online SEO tools – use external advanced SEO tools for audit, keyword research and competitors analysys.
  • Be step ahead of your competitors – Get enterprise quality SEO features. DiagnoSEO offers unique features that are simply not available in other plugins (even in Pro versions).

Reasons why DiagnoSEO is better than the other SEO plugins?

In short, DiagnoSEO offers improved SEO features in comparison to other SEO plugins and adds new SEO features that don’t even exist in other SEO plugins. It also eliminated bloat and offers improved UX and better performance. Moreover, many of the features that are usually paid for in other SEO plugins you can find for free in DiagnoSEO.

  • Best content analyzer on the market – more advanced checkpoints related to content quality and SEO.
  • Most accurate Google Snippet preview – separate preview for mobile and separate for desktop. We created the most accurate snippet preview tool on the market. We eliminated all the issues from other tools of this type. Use the most accurate snippet preview tool.
  • Optimize the page for up to 5 keywords – not limited to just one keyword like on other popular plugins.
    -Better metadata control (title, description, URL slug, robots, rel canonical) with colored progress bars and tracking width in pixels and number of signs. We reengineered the key SEO features and made them super user-friendly and easy to use and understand. This plugin is for everyone (from beginners to SEO experts). If you are new to SEO – just use the default settings. If you are an SEO expert then customize the things you want and as you want (e.g. meta templates, meta robots for a specific type of posts, or XML sitemaps).
  • Content analyzer – with unique and detailed SEO checkpoints you can’t find in other plugins. Get in-depth content analysis for the most important SEO factors.
  • Keyword placement with unique and detailed SEO checkpoints you can’t find in other plugins. Up to 5 keywords supported (not only one like on the other plugins).
  • Breadcrumbs with schema support. Despite the other SEO plugins on the market our breadcrumbs are fully accessible and pass WAI-ARIA strict standards and best practices.
  • Advanced Schema support with the support of 19 schema types and growing.
  • Sitemaps with optional last modified date. Despite of the other SEO plugins we are using core WordPress features that were added on WP 5.5. This means that there is fewer code and server resources needed to generate a sitemap on your server. This means that your website will work faster.
  • Related keywords based on TF IDF algorithm and competitors analysis from top 10 Google search results (Pro)
  • SEO data (pro) based on competitors analysis from top 10 for given focus keyword and language. You can get data about optimal keyword density, optimal number of words, optimal number of headings, etc. (Pro)
  • Internal linking suggestions (Pro) – based on TF IDF algorithm and competitors analysis from real top 10 Google search results for given focus keyword.
  • Option to add nofollow to all external links – works also on Multisite.

Full list of features

  • Redirect attachment page links to an image file. This helps to prevent tiny content from getting indexed.
  • Option to insert any code in header, footer, body, e.g.: Google Analytics, Clicky, StatCounter, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console verification code, and many more.
  • Website schema support with „same as” for social media accounts, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Organization or Person schema support. You can choose to use schema for Organization (if your website represents a company) or Person (if your website represents a person).
  • LocalBusiness schema (Pro) – make your business better visible in Google.
  • Google Knowledge Graph (Pro) – get additional exposure in Google Search results.
  • 19 additional schema types for post or page (including Article, BlogPosting, NewsArticle, etc.)
  • Option to import metadata from the most popular plugins (including Yoast, All in One SEO, Rank Math, SEOPress, The SEO Framework, Slim SEO)
  • Open Graph support
  • Preview of Facebook and Twitter posts and the possibility to edit the post details. This feature despite other most popular plugins is in the free version.
  • Option to exclude post/page from archives and home page post list (for example post that you don’t want to link from post lists)
  • Option to exclude post/page from search results (for example „thank you page”)
  • Variables support (title, excerpt, separator, site, tagline, current year, etc.)
  • No follow and sponsored attributes support
  • Templates for meta data for title and description for each post type
  • WooCommerce Templates for meta data for title and description (page, category, etc) – Pro
  • AMP ready – fully compatible with the official AMP plugin

Unique Pro features

  • Fastest SEO plugin on the market – according to WPHive tests memory usage in DiagnoSEO WordPress plugin is at the lowest level in comparison to other plugins like (Yoast, Rank Math, All in One SEO, or SEOPress)
  • Anchor text control – available only on DiagnoSEO. Control the anchor text on internal links on post lists. Use our theme if your theme don’t support it yet.
  • Deeplik hider – a better solution than nofoollow if you really want to hide link from bots and better control link juice flow. Perfect for hiding affiliate links.
  • SEO Categories widget for posts or WooCommerce products. It’s a unique widget that allows for better optimization of the category links for semantic relevance, link juice flow, and usability.
  • Access to online SEO tools (seo audit with over 200 checkpoints, keyword popularity checker, rank checker, site crawls with 404 detection, competitors analysis based on Google top 10 search results, etc.). No need to use your server resources (memory, processor, database) like in other plugins.
  • Advanced content quality checkpoints – more detailed and accurate than in other SEO plugins and tools. Fix the issues and improve the rankings.
  • Advanced keyword placement checkpoints – more detailed and accurate than on other SEO plugins and tools. Fix the issues and boost the rankings before your competitors will do.
  • Table of contents – this Gutenberg block is a great way to improve UX and get additional links in the snippet.
  • Related posts widget – great way to improve internal linking. Internal links from this widget are thematic and based on categories and subcategories.
  • Featured posts widget – exposure your cornerstone or pillar pages and improve internal linking. Get more link juice to the most important pages.
  • Multiple per post or page – use multiple schemas on one single post or page. For example Article and Product review at the same time.
  • Website crawl with 404 detection and 50 other SEO ranking factors (duplicates of title, description, etc.).
  • HTML sitemap – generate an HTML sitemap easily to help with the indexation of your pages.
  • Semi-automatic internal links – create a list of keywords with URLs and DiagnoSEO will place links automatically inside your articles in SEO friendly way.
  • IndexNow feature allows you to index pages in Bing and Yandex very quickly and efficiently.

Performance comparison

Size of zip file comparison

Size of the zip file (less is better). We compared the size of the ZIP file of DiagnoSEO to other popular SEO plugins from DiagnoSEO was a clear winner (got the most lightweight ZIP file).

Database queries comparison

A number of database queries on default single post (less is better). Report based on Twenty Nineteen theme and Query Monitor.

We compared a number of database queries from DiagnoSEO to other popular SEO plugins from and DiagnoSEO was a clear winner (got the best performance).

Free features comparison

Comparison of most frequently used SEO features and a couple of chosen pro features.

  1. Meta data templates with variables
  2. Snippet preview
  3. Open Graph support
  4. Content analysis
  5. Redirect attachment page links to image file
  6. Breadcrumbs with WAI ARIA support
  7. Keyword placement checkpoints
  8. Social media preview
  9. Schema generator
  10. Checkpoint for up to 5 keywords
  11. Sitemap ping
  12. Web analytics code support
  13. Content statistics
  14. HTML Sitemap block
  15. Table of contents block
  16. Number of checkpoints
  17. Possibility to import data from popular SEO plugins

Pro features comparison

Comparison of chosen most useful pro features.

  1. Related keywords suggestions (based on data from real search results)
  2. Optimization for multiple keywords (not limited to only one focus keyword)
  3. Redirections (301, 302)
  4. Google News sitemap (XML)
  5. Advanced content quality checkpoints (based on data from real search results)
  6. LocalBusiness schema
  7. Internal linking suggestions (based on data from real search results)
  8. Table of contents widget
  9. Related posts widget
  10. Featured posts widget
  11. Deeplink hider – a better solution than nofollow to avoid link juice leaks (recommended for affiliate links)
  12. Anchor text control on posts lists (theme needs to support this feature)
  13. Competitors analysis SEO tool (using AI and real search data)
  14. Website crawl tool access (e.g. 404 detects and 20 more factors)
  15. Access to super detailed and advanced SEO audit tool (200+ factors)
  16. Multiple support
  17. Advanced WooCommerce meta data support
  18. Same as for better social media accounts connections
  19. SEO Categories widget
  20. SEO Categories widget for WooCommerce
  21. Option to change all external links to nofollow (works also on Multisite)


Different users worldwide use DiagnoSEO in daily SEO routines. Find out how it helps them.


I am in the SEO industry for over a decade. In the meanwhile, I tested all the most popular plugins on the market. What I can say is that DiagnoSEO has the best code, UX and it includes all the SEO features that are really important. No bloats and not-needed features. At the same time, it includes features that other plugins don’t have.

AdamSenior SEO Specialist


DiagnoSEO helps me to create content optimized for search engine end users. I like the live SEO checklist and related keywords suggestions.



The support of the DiagnoSEO team is amazing. They helped me to install and configure the plugin. My rankings improved recently. Thank you!

ArturWeb Developer


After implementing schema using schema generator from DiagnoSEO my rankings improved significantly. Great plugin that I can recommend 100%.



I found deep link hider very useful to hide my affiliate links from search engines bots. Finally, there is a plugin with these unique features. I switched to DiagnoSEO and really felt the difference in the performance of my websites. No longer bad pages in my Google Search Console reports.

DanielAffiliate Marketing Expert


  • Can I use DiagnoSEO on more than one website?

    Yes, that’s one of our advantage over competitors. You can use the Pro website on as many websites as you want.

  • Is DiagnoSEO better than other SEO plugins on the market?

    Yes, Diagnoseo is the best plugin for WordPress you can find. The reasons are better performance (fewer database queries), better content analysis (more checkpoints) and keyword placement checkpoints, better UX, and less size of ZIP file with the plugin (more lightweight code). DiagnoSEO plugin has also unique features and for Pro users, we provide additional access to several online SEO tools.

  • How do I get support?

    Please write to [email protected] We do offer support for both free and Pro users. We are always happy to help. For owners of Pro licenses, we can also provide additional SEO advice and tips.

  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

  • What payment options do you accept?

    We accept PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa.

  • What happens if I am not satisfied after purchase?

    Please reach out to our support team with feedback. Based on your feedback we will do our best to make you satisfied with the purchase as we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

  • Will I keep my settings when upgrading to the Pro?

    Yes, all settings will work and look as before. DiagnoSEO Pro will just extend the settings, features, and checkpoints for content analysis and keyword placements. You will get more features and unblock the locked or hidden options.

  • What can I expect in future releases and updates?

    We are working hard every day to make DiagnoSEO better. You can expect regular updates (at least once a month). We will include new SEO features, tools, checkpoints, improvements, and fixes. We are passionate about SEO so you can be sure that DiagnoSEO won’t miss anything important in the fast-changing technical or on-page SEO industry.

  • Do you offer a discount on renewals?

    Yes, if you were lucky to purchase DiagnoSEO with a discount then the discount will also renew. You will save money every year. Important thing is that if you cancel the subscription then it’s not possible to renew the discount again.

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