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SEO Checklist for 2021

SEO checklist

Guide with list of essential tips SEO checklist and tricks from highly experienced SEO expert. It is based on over 15-years of experience and includes best practices that allows you to be proficient in search engine optimization.

How to Optimize a Webpage for a Specific Keyword or Phrase?

SEO Audit - Checking

In the beginning, it’s worth mentioning that you can easily and quickly test any website for all factors (not just those described in this article) in the Keyword Placement tool. The usage of all best practices when optimizing for a given keyword is one of the basic and first SEO steps that must be implemented

How to Write Best Content for SEO in 2021?

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First of all, the article must correspond to the intentions of people who are searching for it and should describe the topic comprehensively so that the user does not come back to the search results. Remember that CTR and Dwell Time are important for SEO. But that’s not enough … What else can you do

How to Do a Competitor Analysis for SEO?

SEO Factors - Competitors Analysis

Checking what SEO data your competitors are using from the top 10 and implementing the missing improvements to be simple and effective to enter the position of the optimized page. What factors are worth paying attention to? Below is a list of the top 10 factors to consider when analyzing your competitors. Domain age It

What Is TF IDF and How It Can Improve SEO?


What is TF IDF? TF IDF comes from the English language. TF stands for term frequency. IDF stands for inverse document frequency – the inverse frequency of a word in documents. It is a method of calculating the weight of words based on the number of times they occur. Let’s simplify: TF IDF informs about

JavaScript Redirection – How to Redirect to Another Webpage for SEO?

JavaScript SEO

Does Googlebot respect JavaScript redirects? Yes. In the third episode of #AskGoogleWebmasters, John Mueller, a Google employee in the position of Webmaster Trends Analyst, explained that Google treats a JavaScript redirect in a similar way to a redirect made on the server side (e.g. 301 redirect). The JavaScript redirect worked fine for my tests as