How to make best SEO for your WordPress website?

Below you can find guide with list of essential tips and tricks from highly experienced SEO expert from ThemeMotive team. It is based on over 15-years of experience and includes best practices that allows you to be proficient in search engine optimization for WordPress in 2018.

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Use best practices from this tutorial, make your website SEO friendly, boost search engines rankings and number of fully satisfied visitors.

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1. Title, headline and meta tags

2. Content Quality

3. Copywriting

4. Website Structure

5. WordPress / Plugins / Theme Settings

6. Server / hosting side

7. Analytics

8. UI / Design

9. Linking

10. Social media

11. Domain

12. Things to avoid

13. SEO Tools

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lightbulbDid you know...

One of the most important thing in SEO is to provide great user experience. Focus on quality of your content at first. Then make sure that your website can be crawled and follow all technical details to help search engines index your website smoothly. Great content can really help to generate natural and strong backlinks. Focus on on-page SEO factors more than on off-page factors, because you have got more control on your website. Use different SEO tools, because each of them can give you slightly different tips and data.

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